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the redskins dropped their eighth straight at fed ex field. but nationals giver fans something to celebrate in st. louis. >> reporter: polls show the race for the president is tightening. i'm doug luzader. we'll have an update coming up. >> a religious battle brewing inside our metro tunnels. why riders heading back to work tomorrow might be surprised by the ads in some local stations. fox5 morning news at 7:00 starts right now. that live shot not as pretty as where holly was. >> i know. >> it is a chilly start to the day to be sure. and this is monday, october 8, 2012, columbus day. good morning, i'm tony perkins. >> i'm alison seymour. montgomery county police officer shoots a man in silver
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spring this morning around 3:15 near flora lane and woodland drive. police got a call about the man showing up at his girlfriend's house, threatening to hurt himself and others. officers got to the girlfriend and two children and got them out the door. they believe the man was armed, and there was a confrontation before the officer shot that man. he is in the hospital in serious condition. right now to find out what's happening with our weather for today. gwen is here for tucker this morning. >> good morning. yes, it is chilly. was a chilly one yesterday. cold overnight as well. typical fall weather and it's landed on our door step. satellite radar composite, cloudy skies, and a lot of you seeing dense fog as well, affecting visibility. be aware of that as you head out. we're keeping an eye on all this rain to the south, because it's headed our way. into the course of the day
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expect to see a few sprinkles and then widespread rain showers for this evening. 56 at reagan national yesterday. 52 at dulles. 55 at bwi marshall. pretty much the same story today. currently 46 d.c. 43 at dulles and 42 at bwi thurgood marshall. freeze warning and a frost advisory for areas to the west. this until 9:00 this morning. affecting sensitive vegetation. midday today, 53 degrees. increasing clouds. can't rule out a sprinkle or two by then. by 5:00, about 55 degrees. looking at showers. kind of a dull, damp day with the wet weather moving in, pretty much like it was yesterday a bit. be prepared if you're planning anything outside for these columbus day holidays. let's check in now with julie. >> on the roads you'll find
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your lanes are open south along 270. hov rules listed, continuing southbound towards clarksburg. outer loop of the beltway, northbound approaching route 4, accident activity on the left side. hov restrictions lifted here as well. metro, track maintenance. red line single tracking between judiciary square and fort totten. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. our top story, a big win and a big loss for d.c. sports fan. >> we begin in st. louis where the postseason rookies played like veterans for the most part. sorry, our script is all messed
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up. tyler moore rallied the nats back from a 2-1 8 inning deficit with a two out, two run single, leading the team to a 3- 2 win over the defending world series champions. game two is this afternoon in st. louis. game three will be in d.c. wednesday. on the grid iron, the redskins lost the game and more, taking on undefeated atlanta. rg3 left the game in the 3rd quarter after taking a rough hit, yeah. it was a legal hit. along the sideline. the team says he has a middle concussions. cousins threw a 77-yard touchdown, but also threw two picks. atlanta won 24-17. dave ross will have an update on rg3's status and highlights from the orioles yankees coming up in about 15 minutes. allison? less than a month to go before the election, and the focus is once again on foreign
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policy. today republican nominee mitt romney will be back in the commonwealth where he'll delivery an address at the virginia military institute. meanwhile, the president is in california. >> reporter: election day is four weeks from tomorrow. look at some of the polls. within the margin of error in this poll in four key swing states, including a state that will get a lot of attention today, and that is virginia. the president made a return appearance to california last night. not because the state is in play this year, but because hollywood has heavy hitters with deep pockets. >> the last thing we can afford right now is four years of the very same policies that led us to this crisis in the first place. i cannot allow that to happen. i will not let it happen. >> reporter: mitt romney, meantime, prepares to pivot to foreign policy today. that's what an upcoming debate will focus on, and it may be an
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effort to strike while the iron is hot, with questions about the attack on the u.s. consulate in libya last month. romney is trying to build on postdebate momentum. >> you had the chance to hear his answers or his nonanswers. now, of course, days later we're hearing his excuses. >> reporter: last week's debate will give way to this week's debate, vice president joe biden faces off with wisconsin congressman paul ryan. biden has no public events this week, as he prepares for what will be the only vp debate. >> this one looks pretty good. >> reporter: paul ryan visited a pumpkin patch with his kids over the weekend. >> nice break from debates i imagine. >> it is. we do this every year. >> reporter: president obama is scheduled to do his own prep this weekend as he prepares for the next debate next week.
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in washington, doug luzader, fox news. virginia's two contenders for the senate seat are back in the spotlight today. they'll meet for a second debate today in richmond. a poll shows kaine pulling ahead. now 52% of voters pick tim kaine and 45% back allen. developing this morning, the number of rare meningitis cases linked to a tainted steroid treatment has risen to 91. the cases are in nine states. so far, seven people have died. another case was reported in maryland this weekend, bringing the total there to three. 18 cases have been reported in virginia with one death in each of those states. massachusetts pharmacy linked to the outbreak has issued a voluntary recall of all its products. officials say anyone who received a steroid injection between july and september is
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at risk for developing the fungal meningitis. some controversial ads that refer to radical muslims as savages are going up in several metro stops in our area. >> they've sparked protest in the new york city subway system. melanie alnwick has details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, allison. no signs of the ads yet. but they are supposed to be up some time today. lawyers for the transit system told the judge thursday that the fbi was investigating a credible threat of violence if the posters went up here in d.c. but the judge went ahead and ordered those posters be placed into metro systems and said basically this was a first amendment issue. they say, in any war between civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man. support israel, defeat jihad. many say the ads are offensive, because they equate muslims
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with savages. citing those concerns from the fbi, metro wanted to delay displaying the ads until the protests in the middle east over that innocence of muslims films has subsided. the sponsors sued to have them put up immediately and won. riders have mixed feelings. >> it's discrimination, because it's not right to generalize the jihad terrorists and muslims. >> they should be allowed on free speech grounds, but i think it's irresponsible. >> this is america, it's freedom of speech. >> reporter: a woman was arrested last month in new york after she tried to deface one of the signs there. they went up there on september 24th in new york. the signs are also up on some
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san francisco city buses. we do not know again exactly what time those controversial ads are going to be posted. we do understand there will be one ad in each of four stations here at you street, and georgia avenue, glenmont and takoma stations. metro police say they are ready in case there are protests, though they don't expect any. >> melanie alnwick, thank you. there looks to be no relief in sight for drivers as gas prices continue to rise. the average for a gallon of gas in d.c., $3.85. in maryland, it's $3.69. virginia, $3.59. the national average is at $3.80. but drivers in california are taking the hardest hit, where gas is 84 cents higher than the national average, at $4.65 per gallon. the governor there has ordered regulators to release winter blend gas early. that should help with a supply
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problem that's driving up the prices. the highest in our area probably, high tech was $5.99. >> yikes! crazy. coming up, debate drama. the jon stewart/bill o'reilly drama didn't go off without a hitch. >> we'll take you to florida for the first unmanned supply mission to the international space station. >> first, drew brees goes down in history. breaking a record since 1960. >> live shot from the mars rover. >> that's what it looks like. >> curiosity. actually, that's here in our back yard of course. a live look outside on this really chilly columbus day holiday. gwen and julie have a check on
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welcome back. making headlines, another search is set for today for a missing teenager from northern virginia. police found his car about a mile and a half away. friends, family and volunteers will start searching at 10:30 this morning. venezuela's president has been reelected. officials say the polls saw the biggest turnout in years, with nearly 81% of registered voters taking part. this is his third re-election. chavez says he will press for a transition to socialism. history is made in the big
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easy. new orleans saints quarterback drew brees broke a record by throwing a touchdown pass in his 48th straight game. the previous record was set more than half a century ago by former baltimore colt johnny unitas. they got the win. >> you have to root for the saints. i feel like you do. new orleans and the whole thing. i root for my team. >> yeah, that's fine. >> it's called share the love. >> i'll share the love with you. >> thank you so much. i hope the temperature forecast won't bother you too much, because it will be chilly. clouds rolling in. fog as well in many of our
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neighborhoods this morning. visibility reduced. be prepared for that. here's a look at the rain to the south heading our way. it will overtake us in the afternoon hours. midday, a sprinkle or two. but this evening, expect to see the wet weather around. chilly start. 42at baltimore. 46 d.c. 43 at dulles. 49 at gaithersburg. 46 in d.c., which we just said, and we'll move on. low 40s dulles. to the west we have a freeze warning and frost advisory. will expire in the 9:00 hour. our daytime high, a chilly 55 degrees. >> wow! >> yes. >> that's amazing. >> chilly at the game yesterday. really was. pardon me. >> you sound like bob dylan when you do that. >> that's not a good thing.
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hey, julie wright [ imitating bob dylan ] [ laughter ] >> sounds a little creepy. lanes open eastbound on 66. lighter than usual volume. hov restrictions lifted in virginia, and in maryland along 270. along 270, traffic volume nice and easy coming in from hyattstown towards rockville. reports of a car fire university boulevard. on the beltway outer loop at route 4, accident activity on the left side. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. d.c. sports fans might need the extra day off to rest their remote control thumbs and emotions. >> you're right. from the overlapping redskins,
7:19 am
nationals game, to the orioles' loss to the bronx bombers, it was a long day on the couch, including me and this guy. >> not on the couch. >> i have to say, it was fun. i was at the redskins game, and after the 3:00 hour, wondering what's happening with the nationals, what's happening with rg3? and on the radio, listening to the nats' game, it was fun. >> we are a full service sports town. finally. >> love it. >> the good news, we're going to start off with that, were our nationals in st. louis. it looked bad. in the bottom of the 7th. cardinals up 2-1. one out. and ryan matthews on the second pitch he threw, 5-4-3 double play, and he's pumped up. rightfully so. that turned the momentum and the very next inning, the rookie tyler moore, and two
7:20 am
runs come into score, and just like that, they win 3-2. it is huge to get that first win in a best of five series. they had gonzalez on the mound, struggling with his command a little bit, but they figured out a way to get it done. a huge game one win for the nats. 2:00again today. >> orioles, good game. 2-2into the 9th. martin led off the 9th with this solo shot. they score five times in the 9th. yankees take game one. game two tonight at 8:00. another late night of flipping around the tv and watching those great games. tony was at the redskins game. i was there. and tony knows what it's like to see the air get sucked out of the building. started off with this. 28yards to the house. second time he's done that in
7:21 am
his young career. we're going to get on billy cundiff. would have been 10-0. 31- yarder. falcons came back and 7-7 at the half. here's the play. rg3 doesn't get out of bounds and he takes a shot. tough to watch. it's what he does. he tries to extend plays. mild concussion. i don't know what that is. a concussion is a concussion is a concussion. cousins made in. great play to moss. think we're back in business. falcons kick a field goal to tie it. and michael turner, 24-17. that would be the final. cousins gets picked off once again. we'll find out about rg3's status as the week goes on. has to pass the concussion tests. this is not something you take lightly anymore.
7:22 am
we'll find out wednesday if he plays sunday against the vikings. >> 4-0 vikings. >> it doesn't get easier. >> thank you, dave. i'll have to with hold some of my comments. >> i'm going to the prompter now. best way to do it. >> we're going to talk more about billy cundiff if he'll still be with this team. >> thank you. restocking the international space station. we're going to take you to florida for the liftoff of the first commercial resupply mission. >> and dining out and raising fun for a good cause. holly morris is live at an oyster farm. we'll be right back. 7:22. [ male announcer ] who will raise taxes on the middle class?
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according to an independent, non-partisan study, barack obama and the liberals will raise taxes on the middle class by $4,000. the same organization says the plan from mitt romney and common sense conservatives is "not a tax hike on the middle class." want proof? read the non-partisan study for yourself at obama and his liberal allies? we can't afford four more years. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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♪ i'm traveling at the speed of light ♪
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don't look like you enjoyed that. >> i'm trying to figure out who it is. >> queen. spacex launched its falcon rocket from florida. >> 3, 2, 1 -- >> it's the first of a dozen supply missions contracted by nasa. the rocket's capsule and cargo will likely reach the station by wednesday. on board, some ice cream. the event hosted by capital
7:27 am
food fight will have andrew zimmern and anthony bourdain. >> if i had a show, because everybody has a show, it would be foods i would like to learn how to cook, by alison seymour. >> yeah. >> but never do. >> all right. still ahead, economic insurance for president obama. >> latest labor report shows the biggest drop in unemployment since the president took office. so could it be a campaign game changer? we're going to ask the managing editor from the hill. >> let's get ready to rumble. we'll look back at the saturday night showdown between a take news host and a fox news pundit. ♪ another check on traffic and weather on a fall-like columbus day monday morning. it's 7:27 right now. you're watching fox 5 morning news. ♪
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getting a little personal at the so-called rumble. fox news host bill o'reilly and daily show host jon stewart went head to head saturday night here in d.c. with a 90 minute debate that covered everything from the economy, entitlements, foreign policy, and the media. but the only drama from the
7:31 am
event apparently fans watching online say the video service crashed, forcing them to miss entire portions. organizers say those viewers are eligible for a refund. you really wanted to see it. >> because there were so many people on it? >> apparently. >> that's amazing. >> good. >> that's nice. fun to have a little fun with it. >> absolutely. >> but smart fun. >> it is smart fun. >> i like it. >> very timely. >> what's going on, gwen? >> cool, cool, cool conditions. mother nature is really dishing it out today. we can say it's cool out there. chilly, nippy out there. sweater, jacket, whatever you need, pull it together, you'll need it today. also, you'll probably need your umbrella as well. if you're planning anything outside for this holiday, be prepared, keep your eyes to the skies. definitely a chilly columbus day. and we've got rain on the way as well. keep the umbrella handy. sun will return the early part of the week and temperatures
7:32 am
will be up and down. won't last the entire five to seven days at least. clouds are rolling in now. some of you seeing a fair amount of fog. certainly affecting visibility. we're keeping an eye on the wet weather. here it is to the south. will move through up into the mid-atlantic. we'll talk widespread showers closer probably into the evening hours. i can't rule out a sprinkle or two in the early afternoon. highs yesterday, close to where we're headed today. 56degrees at reagan national. 52 at dulles. 55 at bwi marshall. some 13 to 19 degrees cooler than the seasonal average. this is really well below seasonal. that's what's going to happen today as well. we have 46 degrees this hour at d.c. 42 baltimore. 39 gaithersburg. 47 at frederick. we're going to see cooler conditions to the west as well.
7:33 am
frost advisory and freeze warning until 9:00 this morning. once we get past the wet weather, ridge of high pressure building in. some of these showers could linger into the first part of your tuesday morning, as well as tonight with overnight fog. 55 for your high today. 45degrees heading through into tonight. your accu weather seven-day forecast showing you take a look at the run of sunny days we've got. right through into sunday, as we move into the weekend, next weekend, but also our temperatures will rise a little bit as well. 74 by thursday. and upper 60s the later part of the week. julie, how is traffic? >> not too bad now. the lanes are open around the capital beltway traveling between college park and bethesda. earlier car fire has been
7:34 am
cleared. northbound i-95. not too many people out this morning. you'll find kenilworth avenue open. crash reported near 450. outer loop of the beltway, the crash has been cleared over to the shoulder. southbound 270 good to go. hov restrictions lifted on 270, 66, and 95 this morning. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. thank you. last weekend good news from the labor department. september's unemployment rate plunged to 7.8%, the lowest since president obama took office. but is it the positive economic indicator enough to change the white house race? bob cusack is managing editor of the hill and and he joins us as he does often with insight. good morning. >> good morning. >> let's talk about the numbers first. was it unexpected? on friday what was the feeling when the numbers came out?
7:35 am
>> it was unexpected and something the president needed after his poor debate performance. 44-month low. it works to the president's later. he makes the case we're not there yet, but the economy is slowly improving. big news for the president. mitt romney says you're not counting all the people. it's closer to 11%. that debate will continue. friday was a good day for the president. >> back to the debate, were you surprised at the president's showing? >> yes. i was really stunned at the lack of energy and that romney came out so strong and it did seem like the president was trying to play defense and not make any mistakes because he was up at least in this race pretty handily in the swing states. not mentioning the 47% in that
7:36 am
video, that was stunning. >> is it too late and later debates to come back with that now? you know, i liken it to a boxer almost. go back to your corner, you figure out what you didn't do right perhaps. but at that point is it too late? has america forgotten about the 47%? >> no, i don't think so. i think he can do that. not as effectively, because the first debate is usually the more watched debate. president george w. bush had a poor performance against john kerry and came back strong. last night the president was mocking his own performance. you have to accept you didn't do well, and come back and bring it to romney. but he's going to have to do that. >> okay. mitt romney, on the other hand, had a strong showing. what does he need to do to
7:37 am
maintain any momentum he might have picked up? >> i think this presents the romney campaign with something they needed. they needed to hit the reset button. they needed to make it race closer. it was starting to slip away. now we have a new race. everyone is paying attention now. a lot of people i think that can be swayed and maybe some were swayed during the debate, he needs to, i think, win probably the next two, or at least have strong showings. he just needs to keep that momentum. avoid gaffes that have plagued his campaign. >> on a personal note, they were trying to soften him, make him more like, you know, every day person out there. the comment that i have five sons, i know about you -- i thought this was personal and a good tough. i don't know whether that was planned or not. >> i bet it was. didn't look forced. he had to deal with likability issue, saying he's a real person and been criticized for being too robot-like.
7:38 am
he didn't come across as robot- like. and that's what conservatives say, they blame the media. when you had the two men on stage, romney clearly won. but there's two more debates, at least presidential debates coming up. >> and vice presidential debates this week. what can we expect and how important is this debate? >> i think overall, it's not that important, because history shows the vp debates don't matter that much. it's important as far as momentum. it's joe biden's responsibility to stop the momentum of the romney/ryan campaign. if ron is able to beat biden, make better arguments on policy, then wow, that's two in a row, and there's more pressure on the president in the next debate. >> okay. about a month to go, little less than a month now. i think we've hit on some of the topics, but what needs to happen, talking about the presidential candidates again, what does the president need to do, what does mitt romney need to do? >> i think number one, they
7:39 am
have to be aggressive. their campaigns are playing offense. mitt romney will talk about the economy a lot. he's going to give a foreign policy speech today. overall, it's about the economy. it's making the argument of who can better the economy, because it's ailing. they both agree the economy is ailing. who can fix it and make the arguments better? >> quick answer, does it hurt the president to be in hollywood when, or in california when it doesn't matter as much as virginia does now? or is it okay? >> i think he's got to raise money. but i do think it hurts him a little bit. not a game changer. >> bob cusack, you're a game changer. >> thank you. >> managing editor of the hill. good to see you. >> thanks. >> tony, over to you. an update on the violence in syria, where the violence with turkey continues. >> first, a nascar nightmare.
7:40 am
what sparked a 20 car pileup crash that cost tony stewart the win. we'll be back. hey, what are you drinkin'? pumpkin coffee for the morning. and i've got my pumpkin k-cup packs for at home. now i can have my pumpkin coffee any time i want it. pumpkin's perfect. it's dunkin' with the press of a button. new pumpkin k-cup packs, only at dunkin' restaurants. america runs on dunkin' coffee. we know you. we know you have to rise early... and work late, with not enough sleep in between. how you sometimes need to get over to that exit,
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making headlines this morning, in virginia, where fairfax county police continue to investigate an apparent homicide. they say 30-year-old mark earl was found dead inside a home on broodmore street around 2:00 sunday morning. investigators believe earl and the killer knew each other. police are looking for the suspect. violence between syria and turkey with shelling along the border sunday. the back and forth fighting began wednesday when syria fired at turkey and turkey returned fire. turkey's foreign minister is one of several leaders in the region hinting at allowing syria's vice president to become an interim leader should assad heed calls to step down. some last lap hazard on the traffic. tony stewart was leading with a lap to go when he misjudged the distance between his car and michael waltrip's.
7:44 am
it triggered a chain reaction crash. flipped stewart's car and knocked 20 others out of the race. matt kenseth picked up the win. unbelievably, once again, no one was hurt. i need to drive the kind of cars at a regular speed these guys drive. >> it's because of all the protective restraints they put in. it's amazing. >> it is amazing. gwen? >> how is everybody this morning? >> a little cold. in the middle of the night i did turn the heat on. >> we turned ours on. >> it was too much. >> i called wisdom a wimp this morning -- >> i didn't know where you were going with that. >> he was complaining it was so cold. he said, i'm from the south. this cold weather needs to go away. i said you're a wimp. as your northern friend speaks about the cold conditions, it is chilly today. we've got some clouds rolling in across the area this morning, and a lot of fog as
7:45 am
well. and a little bit wet weather headed our way. expect to see showers moving in before it's all said and done. plenty of moisture pushing in from the south. we'll see widespread rainfall into the course of the late afternoon and evening hours. here's a look at the highs yesterday. 56degrees at reagan national airport. 52 at dulles. 55 at bwi marshall. folks, 13 to 19 degrees cooler than what we should be and that's exactly where we're headed today. current temperatures are 46 at d.c. 43 dulles and 42 at bwi marshall. freeze warning and a frost advisory for areas to the west. will expire at 9:00. a high of 55 degrees today. chance of showers. it's going to be a cool one. make sure you prepare yourself. planning anything outside on this columbus day for the holiday, bundle up and grab an umbrella, you'll need it. >> yep.
7:46 am
we were saying, you forget what it feels like until it's here. >> kicks right in. >> here we go. >> thank you, ma'am. let's find out what's happening with traffic. for that we go to julie wright. hey, julie. >> now we have our hands full with a couple of things on the roads on this federal holiday. outer loop of the beltway to about 16 miles per hour headed around towards route 4. accident activity on the shoulder. it's causing the backup. southbound bw parkway accident activity at 450, blocking that ramp. northbound side of georgetown road approaching executive boulevard. left turn lane and left lane getting by at this crash. accident activity 28 at baltimore, but should be now cleared. car fire along university boulevard, and that activity cleared. 395 across the 14th street bridge, an easy drive this morning. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. thank you.
7:47 am
coming up, a celebration of maryland seafood. >> holly is live in hollywood, maryland with details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. how do oysters sound for breakfast? there they are. we are live this morning, you're right, in hollywood, maryland, at hollywood oyster and we're talking all about the state of the bay. you want fresh oysters? they don't get much fresher than that, coming right out of the water. we're going to talk about the important role oysters play in the health of the bay and where you come in as well, it's all live next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us. this year, america's privately-owned freight
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freight railroads plan to spend $23 billion on their network. that's like launching 4 mars rovers, 10 gps satellites, and 20 space shuttles ...all in one year. and not a penny of it comes from taxpayers. ♪ i just came to say hello ♪ it is time for our facebook fan of the day. look at this family, tony. >> love it. >> we say good morning to thomas and he tells us waking up to fox 5 has been his family's routine the last eight
7:51 am
years. yes. we do appreciate you. it helps to begin the process of getting those kids to school and to work on time. for your chance to be tomorrow's fan of the day, log onto our face book fan page. we see how you are color coordinated, too. leave a comment under the family's photo. this morning we're learning all about oyster farming. >> holly morris joins us from the shore in hollywood, maryland. hey, holly. >> reporter: good morning, guys. you know the song, hooray for hollywood? >> sure. >> reporter: it works. it also works for hollywood, maryland, and the efforts they have going on here to help in part of oyster recovery. it is a big deal. we're learning all about it, thanks to two more important gentlemen. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> reporter: steven, we are saying hooray for hollywood and what they are doing.
7:52 am
where do things stand now? >> historically, the population of oysters in the bay didn't doing very good. we've had diseases that have depleted our national population. states make a lot of efforts to bring them back, through restoration efforts in the bay and through farms such as this one. >> reporter: when did you start hollywood oyster? >> about two or three years old. >> reporter: not that old. why did you decide to go into it? >> i had been a hobby farmer for eight years, and realized i grew a tasty oyster. >> reporter: you can tell he's into it, because everyone he picks up, don't be offended, because i'm like, yeah, it looks like an oyster, but he's like, isn't this beautiful? it's so gorgeous. i'm like, it looked like the other one, tal, but that's okay. >> we have a couple of acres in the water here. you have more than a million oysters. >> reporter: more than a
7:53 am
million out there? >> in that cove. the cove is lined with a series of cages. we just pulled a cage. why don't you guys pull this? these oysters are about six months old. you can see they're all about an inch and a half, 2 inches long. see how beautiful they are? look at the growing edge there. >> reporter: see how beautiful, steven? >> aren't they golden and beautiful. we grow a half shell hollywood oyster. >> reporter: maybe this is a silly question. you grow all the same kind of oyster? >> yes. >> reporter: how long does it usually take? >> about a year. we have a nursery, a full nursery operation on the dock. >> reporter: these will go back in the water? >> we're going to run them through the tumbler. they'll get washed and sorted and will go back in the water this afternoon. >> reporter: why do you have to take them out and put them back in? >> these grow so fast, they'll be growing out of the cage in a couple of weeks.
7:54 am
we've chipped the growing edge, so it has a deeper cup. >> reporter: this is six months. what is this over here? >> harvested oysters. what we have in the hopper here -- i think we can fire this up, guys -- >> reporter: fire up the hopper. oyster in the hole! i don't know if you say that, but sounded good. walk over this way. explain to me how the hopper is working. >> what we have in the hopper there, you were looking at 6- month-old oysters. in the hopper you're seeing oysters about a year old. they're about three and a half inches and ready to harvest. we're pulling them through and the cage is, if they were smaller, they'd fall through the holes and go back out. but these are harvest side. will mostly come out. they go to the picking table, which we'll see in a minute. that table is washing them with high pressure so they're clean and ready to be served at restaurants. >> reporter: for you, as you're
7:55 am
watching this process, someone from the department of natural resources, must look good. >> looks great. every oyster is adding filtration to the water and taking nutrients out of the water. >> reporter: oysters help filter the water. but that helps foster better marine life for other seafood to grow, right? >> exactly. every one of those is filtering about a gallon a day. that's a lot of filtration. this helps with the population of sea grasses and things like that. helps the crabs and helps give the juveniles places to hide. having more oysters is better for everything. >> reporter: how many times a week do you eat oysters? >> three or four times a week. >> reporter: i thought you were going to say three or four
7:56 am
times a day. is our web site and we have a link to hollywood oyster. coming up in our next hour, industry here in the istory of bay. we'll talk more about that in our 8:00 hour and we'll talk about how you can go out and eat and help the bay at the same time. back to you in the studio. >> thank you very much, holly. still ahead in our next hour, the financial impact of the presidential election. how the outcome of the race could affect your bottom line. >> a bad start to wedded bliss. what sparked a brawl at a weekend reception. still in her wedding gown. four minutes before 8:00. fox5 morning news will continue after this. ♪
7:57 am
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7:59 am
good news for the nats and their postseason debut. and redskins' star robert griffin iii take a hard hit on the field. i know. no matter which game you were watching yesterday, there was a lot of drama on the fields. >> whom ever wins the presidential election will
8:00 am
determine the course over the next four years, including your finances. we'll take a closer look at how each candidate can impact your bottom line. >> american companies being warned not to do business with two tech giants. details on what lawmakers say is a threat to national security. good morning, everybody, i'm tony perkins. >> i'm alison seymour. glad you're with us today. and this morning we do continue to follow some breaking news out of silver spring, maryland, where police shot a man early this morning. officers went to a home on wood land drive around 3:15 this morning. they were called there for reports of a man threatening to hurt himself and others. officers learned the man was at his girlfriend's house. they were able to get her and her two children out safely. then there was some sort of confrontation between officers and that man whom they believed to be armed. the man is in the hospital in serious condition. gwen talbart is here for tucker barnes who is out for a couple of days, with the latest on our chilly forecast. >> it is chilly.
8:01 am
typical fall weather kicking in now. actually timely, considering the football season is getting into full swing. >> goes hand in hand. >> for those of you who don't like the chill, we have warmer weather headed our way. a little bit of wet weather. we have fog as well as plenty of cloud coverage. looking at a chance of rain showers and some of those sprinkles impacting our southern and southwestern areas now. we'll see widespread rainfall later into the course of the day, as an upper level disturbance brings in a flow of that moisture from the south. keep the umbrella handy. current temperatures, 47 degrees at reagan international airport. 44at dulles and bwi marshall. freeze warning and frost advisory expiring at 9:00.
8:02 am
making sure you protect sensitive vegetation. clouds this morning, some fog. chance of rain into the afternoon hours. be prepared for that. it's a chilly columbus day. yesterday temperatures were 14 to 19 degrees below seasonal average. same story for today. repeat performance, folks. bundle up. >> on the road now you'll find lanes are open along the top stretch of the beltway between college park and bethesda. tow trucks on the scene where we have the accident activity. stay to the left with little delay. no problems traveling 395 across the 14th street bridge. hov rules lifted on 395 and 95, to 66 and 270. eastbound on 66, no trouble spots here. nice and easy coming in from manassas heading into centreville. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. our top story, a big win and a big loss for d.c. sports'
8:03 am
fans. >> we begin with the nationals in st. louis where the postseason rookies played like veterans. tyler moore rallied the nats back from a 2-1, 8th inning deficit with a two out, two run single, leading them to a 3-2 win. game two gets underway this afternoon. to the grid iron we go. redskins lost the game and more, taking on undefeated atlanta. rookie quarterback, robert griffin iii left the game in the 3rd quarter after taking a vicious legal, though, hit along the sideline. the team says he has a mild concussion. backup qb cousins came in with mixed results, throwing a touchdown and two picks. dave ross will have an update on rg3's status and highlights from the orioles/yankees game in about 30 minutes. the latest now from the
8:04 am
campaign trail. the new rasmussen poll shows republican presidential nominee mitt romney leading president obama following last week's debate. romney has the lead with 49% to president obama's 47%. romney will deliver a speech on foreign policy at virginia military institute today. president obama will be campaigning and fund raising in california. virginia's two contenders for jim web's soon to be empty seat will be back in the spotlight today. democratic tim kaine and republican george allen will debate in richmond. this comes as a new poll of likely voters shows kaine pulling ahead. now 52% of voters picked kaine, 45% back allen. developing this morning, the number of rare meningitis cases linked to a tainted steroid treatment has risen to
8:05 am
91, spanning nine states and killing seven. another case was reported in maryland this weekend, bringing the total there to three. 18 cases have been reported in virginia with one death in each state. the massachusetts pharmacy linked to the outbreak has issued a voluntary recall of all of its products. officials say anyone who received the steroid injection between july and september is at risk for developing the fungal meningitis. a controversial ad that sparked concern in new york and d.c. is going up in several metro stations today. >> the federal judge made the ruling over the weekend. melanie alnwick is live at the u street station in northwest with details. the ads will be going up where you are too, right, mel? >> reporter: that's right, allison. this is one of the locations where the ads are scheduled to be posted. but at this point, we have not seen it yet. it would be underground here and probably not terribly visible. we don't know what time the ad is supposed to be posted. we don't expect we would get
8:06 am
any sort of notification. so yes, here on u street is one of the locations. there are four locations, and just one ad going up in each of those locations. here on u street, also glenmont, georgia avenue and the takoma station. metro police don't expect any, but are ready in case there are protests. the ads say "in any war between civilized man and the savage, support the civilized man, support israel, defeat jihad." many say they equate muslims with savages. metro wanted to delay displaying the ads until the protests in the middle east over the innocence of muslims film subsided. the sponsors sued to have them put up immediately and won and they defend the use of the word savage. >> the tens of thousands of rockets going into southern israel from gaza is savagery.
8:07 am
the slaughter of the jewish family in their beds, the 3- month-old baby decapitated is savagery. >> reporter: lawyers told the judge the fbi was investigating. a threat of violence if the ads went up in d.c. but the judge, citing the first amendment, ordered the ads be placed in those subway stations by 5:00 today. the ads first appeared in 10 subway stations in new york september 24th. there have been mild protests, including one woman who was arrested for spray painting over that. they are also on display on city buses in san francisco. metro police do not expect any wide protests today. but they are ready in case anything happens. >> melanie, thank you. federal officials have begun drafting the first safety standards of the nation's subway and light rail systems. congress approved a measure expanding the authority to
8:08 am
federal transportation administration in the summertime. new rules will take a few months to write. it was prompted by the growing numbers of derailments, collisions and worker deaths across the nation, including the crash here in d.c. that killed nine people. still ahead, the presidential race and your pocketbook. we're going to sit down with our money expert for a closer look at what a win by either party could mean for your personal finances. >> but first, why lawyers for former penn state football coach jerry sandusky will be back in court today, a day ahead of tomorrow's sentencing hearing. it's 8:08. we'll be right back.
8:09 am
i'm barack obama, , and i approve this message. "i'm not in favor of a $5 trillion tax cut. that's not my plan." mitchell: "the nonpartisan tax policy center concluded that mitt romney's tax plan would cost $4.8 trillion over 10 years." vo: why won't romney level with us about his tax plan, which gives the wealthy huge new tax breaks? because according to experts, he'd have to raise taxes on the middle class - or increase the deficit to pay for it. if we can't trust him here... how could we ever trust him here?
8:10 am
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8:11 am
according to an independent, non-partisan study, barack obama and the liberals will raise taxes on the middle class by $4,000. the same organization says the plan from mitt romney and common sense conservatives is "not a tax hike on the middle class." want proof? read the non-partisan study for yourself at obama and his liberal allies? we can't afford four more years. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. another search is set for today for a missing teenager from northern virginia. 17-year-old bryan glen was last seem dropping his younger brother off at school last monday. police found his car about a mile and a half away.
8:12 am
friends, family and volunteers will search in fairfax beginning at 10:30 this morning. also today, attorneys in the jerry sandusky case will meet privately with the judge a day ahead of his sentencing. they'll discuss matters related to tomorrow's hearings, during which sandusky is scheduled to speak in his own defense. he'll likely receive a life sentence for sexually abusing dozens of boys. the white house intelligence committee releasing a report today warning american companies not to do business with two chinese tech forms. the house panel says they pose a threat to national security based on recent cyber attacks traced to china. both companies have offices in herndon, virginia. 12 minutes after 8:00 now. we're going to get an update on traffic. no, an update on weather. but first -- >> the cuteness factor of the day. times two. because gwen talbart is here
8:13 am
today. she's cuteness number one. good morning. >> thank you so much, allison. and i am so happy i get to do this little segment, because we have a real sweetheart for you. this is time for my first 5 photo of the day. today we say hello to zoe. >> hey, zoe. >> talk about a fashionista. her parents say she enjoys shopping. we could really hang out in the mall together. so cute. >> i love that hat, that little bag. >> all coordinated out there. yes. >> 2 is a sweet age, too. >> it is. we are proud to show you zoey. go to to send your child's picture, click on mornings. go ahead, zoey, you have a super day, sweetie.
8:14 am
it's cool outside, so zoey will need a jacket or sweater for sure. cooler conditions across the region. clouds moving in, as well as fog and a little bit of light rainfall pushing across the area. by this afternoon, i expect that rainfall to become a little more widespread. be prepared for that, into ning rain showers. current temperatures, 47 degrees this hour at d.c. 44 at bwi marshall. only 39 at frederick. and 39 as well for winchester. 41 at culpeper. to our far west we have a frost advisory and freeze warning. this until the 9:00 hour. if you have sensitive vegetation make sure you do protect them and cover them up. it includes allegheny, pendleton, mineral, and highland county across areas to our west. midday today, 53 degrees, mostly cloudy skies.
8:15 am
i won't rule out a sprinkle or two by then. by this evening, we are expecting to see showers and rainfall. talking 55 degrees for your high. close to where we were yesterday, because the chill was on then, too. julie wright, what do you think about this football cool weather? >> i think it's football cool when i'm sitting inside nice and warm. >> okay. >> i'm like all for the team, but man, boy, it's cold out here. on the roads this morning, we've been not so busy. had a moment when we had a car fire at university and coalsville. accident activity on the beltway, all has been cleared. for the most part, pretty much sums up our commute, nice and easy. 66 out of manassas. no problems to report georgetown north, executive boulevard. accident activity cleared. lanes open along 270. no problems there. 395 at the 14 #th street bridge, easy drive. hov rules lifted on 395, 66 and 270. that's a check of your fox 5 on
8:16 am
time traffic. thank you. many americans know who they will vote for next month, but many probably haven't stopped to think what the choice will mean for their wallets and pocketbooks. a lot of financial bloggers have been speculating what an obama re-election or romney win would do to financial markets and investors. some say the stock market will stumble badly if the president is reelected. others say we could be in for a long period of inflation if governor romney wins. while no one knows for sure, larry rosenthal is here with us for a look at some of the possibilities. good morning. good to see you. >> good morning. thanks for having me back. >> thank you. i was reading in forbes, they've had different prognosticators talking about this, and the outlooks vary rather widely and seems to be fairly political in terms of, you know, what different people think is going to happen based on who wins.
8:17 am
is that necessarily a political thing? >> well, it is political a little bit, if you take a look at it. president obama wants to increase the size of government, and governor romney wants to shrink government and bring things back to the private sector. we sort of are modeling in our office that either candidate to win would be not have big effect short-term in the market place, but more of a long-term economic situation that would take place. in making government bigger with president obama, versus shrinking government with romney. >> >> you say long-term, so the day after the election or day after inauguration day, we're not likely to feel a direct impact on our personal finances? >> no. we don't think the markets will have much volatility about that. it's more of a long-term outlook down the road. short-term, we have the fiscal cliff, the debt ceiling debate, and what's going on over in
8:18 am
europe that's going to present volatility. we're optimistic, because businesses and wall street needs clarity and direction and for some time it's been an environment of uncertainty. it's why you've seen stagnant in the employment numbers. gdp at 1.3%. the fed is keeping the interest rates very low now in order to make sure there's a backdrop for economic growth and expansion. we need fiscal leadership out of washington to basically say which way the economy will go. >> you mentioned wall street, what wall street doesn't like is uncertainty. but does wall street -- i think the traditional thinking is, well, wall street, when a republican is elected, they kind of like that, because they generally view that as being a pro business person in office. and generally a democrat bringing more regulation perhaps, which wall street might not like.
8:19 am
is that a fair assumption? >> i would say so, to a certain degree. we need regulation, but not overregulation. if you look at a lot of surveys of the fortune 500 ceos now, a lot of them are saying there's too much regulation and there's more to come down the road with franks. franks will present five new government agencies of oversight and regulation. we want to make sure when we get in a highrise building the elevator has been inspected, but we don't want a governor official mandating we go up the steps in case the cable breaks today. >> if the president is reelected, what are the impacts you see short-term and long- term? >> as far as short-term, again, we don't really see issues with the markets being rocked or anything like that. it's more of a long-term ideology. and president obama wants to have larger government -- >> although, i don't recall hearing the president himself say that. i mean, there are, obviously
8:20 am
obama care and the other things. but in your view that translates into larger government? >> well, no, everybody has a different opinion on it, as far as it goes. but the ideology out there now basically says that, you know, governor romney wants to have smaller government, more pro business policies, whereas a different ideology says, no, we want to have government provide better services. either way, long-term we do see taxes are going to have to go up. whether it's short-term here or long-term down the road. when you look at medicare and social security. but the big issue here for your viewers and people investing personally, make sure they understand what's coming out of washington, whatever comes out of washington will present investment opportunities one way or the other. >> hopefully not prevent them. >> yes. >> right. larry rosenthal, thank you very much. it's a fascinating topic that we could go on and on about. thank you for giving us
8:21 am
insight. >> sure. >> allison, back to you. thank you, tony. coming up, the latest winner of the nobel prize. >> and later, a look at life in maryland through the eyes of an oyster fisherman. or an oysterman. holly morris has a look at the seafood industry. we'll be right back. it's 8:20.
8:22 am
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8:24 am
2, 1 -- >> privately owned cargo craft is on its way to the international space station. spacex launched its unmanned rocket late sunday night. it's the first of a dozen supply missions contracted by nasa. the capsule and cargo will likely reach the lab on wednesday. a british and a japanese scientist share this year's nobel prize in medicine. >> the researchers have both done work in turning mature specialized cells in the body into stem cells. that provides hope for scientists who want to use the stem cells to create
8:25 am
replacement tissue for diseases like parkinson's and diabetes. >> john gurdon has a hairstyle there. >> healthy head of hair. this man may have helped with parkinson's and diabetes and you're talking his hair. >> can we show the picture again. >> i think it's the way he's leaning to it makes it -- a healthy head of hair. >> uh-huh. >> i enjoy it. and thank you for your research. >> yes. we do thank you. in our next half hour, a shot at history for saints' quarterback drew brees and nats' and redskins highlights. >> first, two wedding parties way out of control. one person is dead, after a brawl breaks out in the middle of a reception. we have the video from inside the reception. it's 8:25 now. we'll be right back.   
8:26 am
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
making headlines here at home and around the world, prince george's county police say an officer shot a man armed with a knife on 55th avenue in bladensburg last night. investigators say he refused to put the weapon down and then went after the officer. the suspect is expected to survive. the officer was not hurt. now to video being talked about across the country today. shows a brawl that broke out between two wedding parties in philadelphia. dozens of people involved. witnesses say it started when two brothers got into a fight. something was thrown, and hit somebody else. the uncle of one of the brides had a heart attack and died amid the chaos. nothing good out of that story.
8:30 am
no. the man linked to the disappearance of natalee holloway serving time for the murder of a young woman from peru is about to become a father. a dutch newspaper says joran van der sloot impregnated a woman during a jail visit. he's just two years into a 28- year sentence. >> what prison is that? >> it's in lima. >> okay. >> need a little more supervision. >> right. we've got lots of clouds out there today. very chilly. might want to have a nice hot cup of tea or hot chocolate today. no ice cream, not today at least. it's typical fall weather. let's get right to it and tell you what you can expect. clouds are rolling in, as is the fog across the area. and a few light showers that are going to increase into the course of the day.
8:31 am
here is a look at our accu weather satellite radar shot. clouds coming in through a little bit of light precipitation. not quite touching the ground yet. we expect it to continue into this afternoon. stream of moisture pushing from the south. today definitely wet weather. keep the umbrella handy. i know it's a holiday. planning anything outside, be prepared. starting out at 44 at dulles. 41 gaithersburg. 44in baltimore. 47 in d.c. 39 at frederick. 37degrees at cumberland. we have until 9:00 a frost advisory and freeze warning in effect, it includes allegheny, pendleton, highland, mineral counties, hardy as well. will expire at 9:00. definitely affecting sensitive vegetation. cooler air pushing in from the north because of the jet stream
8:32 am
to the south of us, keeping us chilly. highs only into the 50s today. yesterday we were in the 50s as well. temperatures were well below the seasonal average. you can see the wet weather coming in. will be sticking around as well for your evening commute. so be prepared for that. let's check in now with -- back to the anchor desk i guess we're going. >> yeah. for the sports fans little reason to leave the couch or easy chair. >> from the redskins to nationals, orioles, a full serving of local action was on tap. dave ross is here. >> one of the more exciting days. >> i need to finish. with a look back at some of the highlights. >> we waited for that? >> really? it was good, tony. >> good. let's start off with the nats. they did something they had never done in their history, which is win a playoff game in their first ever attempt. very impressive. more impressive was the fact
8:33 am
that gonzalez walked seven guys. they were down 2-1 in the 8th. davey johnson calls on tyler moore, a pinch hitter, rookie, and he comes through with a two run single and the nats win 3- 2. sit down, holiday. 4:00today, game number two. up in baltimore last night, good game for a while. 2-2in the 9th. gave up five runs. martin getting the flood gates up. down 1-0. game two tonight at 8:00. something to talk about again tomorrow. >> i think they'll win. >> i do, too. i talked to some baltimoreens and they said, don't worry, showwalter isn't panicked. they're resillant. redskins, getting harder to
8:34 am
put your thumb on why they can't win at home. this is the play everybody is talking about today, rg3, it's tough to watch. rg3, robert griffin iii himself has said, this is football, i expect to get hit. a lot of people would have liked to have seen him out of bounds, knocked out. enter cousins, the rookie from michigan state. he looked great here when he finds moss over the top. 77yards. skins had a lead in the 4th quarter. alas, it wouldn't last. atlanta wins 24-17. cousins had two interceptions. another story that is a story that won't go away, is the trials and tribulations of one billy cundiff. pushes this 31-yarder to the right. no other way to put it, he has sunk up the joint -- stunk up the joint the last two weeks. starting to think, supposed to
8:35 am
be money inside of 50 yards. it's counterfeit money. he's not making the kicks he's supposed to make. smith look at him exasperated. i wonder if they're going to make a change there. mike shanahan said he'll bring in, he didn't say he'll bring in other kickers, he said i give it a 24 rule before i bring in other kickers, and that rule is almost up. >> i know somebody. >> who? you do? graham gano. he says he hasn't been called as of yet. >> i was at the game, and when that happened, everyone was talking about graham gano. >> it's tough not to. you know he has a stronger leg. worried about the accuracy of cundiff. drew brees in new orleans last night d-like allison said, you can root for the saints. kind of america's team. record breaker, 48 straight
8:36 am
games with a touchdown pass to top johnny unitas. legendary name. he might have been at 100 in a row if he were playing today. >> even at 70 years old? >> even at 70 years old. congratulations to drew brees and they got the win. >> finally got a win. >> next hour, you'll hear from lorenzo alexander. think it pains the fans to lose at home, wait until you hear from zo. around here, never to early to heat. we have a top chef stopping by. we'll check in with mike isabella for a look at his new cook book. >> first, sesame street meets "saturday night live." the one and only big bird stopping by weekend update to offer his rebuttal to his role in the presidential debate. it is 8:36. big bird looks good after all these years. 
8:37 am
8:38 am
i'm barack obama, and i approve this message. "i'm not in favor of a $5 trillion tax cut. that's not my plan." mitchell: "the nonpartisan tax policy center concluded that mitt romney's tax plan would cost $4.8 trillion over 10 years." vo: why won't romney level with us about his tax plan, which gives the wealthy huge new tax breaks?
8:39 am
because according to experts, he'd have to raise taxes on the middle class - or increase the deficit to pay for it. if we can't trust him here... how could we ever trust him here? ♪ i bet you i'm gon e a big star ♪ critics may not like taken 2, but fans do. it earned more than double the earnings of taken in 2009.
8:40 am
>> he returns as a retired cia agent seeking revenge on a gang. number two, transylvania and number three, pitch perfect. >> stunt man david blaine is about 12 hours away from finishing his stunt that game him a shock -- gave him a shock over the weekend, literally. he is standing on a pillar surrounded by a million volts of electricity. he slipped over the weekend when he spat water out of his mouth, came in contact with the current and he said the shock he took to his face felt like being hit with the force of a baseball bat. big bird still in the spotlight. we look alike with this yellow we have on. i love it. still in the spotlight after
8:41 am
last week's debate, when mitt romney said he would cut funding to pbs, but added he likes big bird. he made appearance on "saturday night live" over the weekend. take a listen. >> big bird, so how did you find out your name had been mentioned in the debate? >> i got a million tweets. >> okay. so you're on twitter? >> no. i'm a bird. tweeting is how we talk. >> that is so funny. he went on to say he actually was on twitter, though. when asked why he didn't comment on romney's plan to cut funding to pbs, he said he didn't want to ruffle any feathers. love it. coming up, a lesson in mediterranean cooking with top chef mike isabella. >> we'll check in with the man behind restaurants here in our area to see what he is working on now. first, though, a trip back in time through the eyes of maryland's oyster industry. holly, good morning. >> reporter: mike might like to
8:42 am
cook up some of these oysters here this morning, or might want to eat them raw. aw, shucks, go ahead. get it, shuck? we are indeed going to talk about the history of the oyster industry in our area and where it stands right now. it's all live next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us. [ female announcer ] pillllsbury crescents fabulous but...when i add chicken, barbecue sauce... and cheese...and roll it up woo-wee! i've made a barbecue chicken crescent chow down. pillsbury crescents. let the making begin. here's a better idea.
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8:45 am
after years of decline one local industry is making a comeback. >> we're learning about oyster farming and holly morris joins us from the shore in hollywood, maryland. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. specifically we are at hollywood oyster farm. if you're talking about oysters being back, that means a, they had to have been here before, and they had to go away. what happened? there's a lot of history to talk about. and stefan able joins me on the dock this morning. good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: let's talk about oysters in our area. the chesapeake bay, why are they so good for oyster
8:46 am
production? >> chesapeake bay is the largest estuary in the country. >> reporter: we have a map. >> 17 million people live in this area. huge area. chesapeake bay is fundamentally back to the indian days, they knew oysters and ate oysters. great source of protein. >> reporter: literally, back to the indian days they knew about oysters. there was a long time when out of the shell they don't last very long. pretty much a local industry. >> local. up in new york and came down, once they worked up there, they came down to chesapeake bay. baltimore became the epicenter where canning came about in the mid-1800s. once they were able to can the oysters, they shipped them around the country. >> reporter: it was huge, right? everybody ate them? >> they were shipped around the world. ten to 15 million-bushels a year were packaged and sold
8:47 am
out. 100 packing plants in baltimore. >> reporter: when did we get into trouble? became too popular? >> popular. they're little vitamins. back in the 50s and 60s you saw the diseases that come in. the state recognized this 20 or so years ago, when the oyster recovery partnership was formed where i come in, where they decided we need to do something to bring it back. >> reporter: what exactly are you doing to bring back places like hollywood oyster farm? >> we're focused more on the wild side. so what you see in the bay, you mentioned before about the value of what they provide, filtering and providing habitat for the marine life.
8:48 am
we produce and plant oysters on hundreds of millions at a given year. this year we did 625 million that were planted in the chesapeake bay to restore oyster beds. >> reporter: now, when we say they are back and better than ever, is that true? >> they're coming back. they're still at their historical lows. in 2010 and saw a batch in 2012. mother nature is helping. you're seeing on the wild open ground, watermen catching their limits every day. oysters are making a comeback on their own, if you give them the right conditions to do it. >> reporter: what about the communities that were once based on the industry? >> the entire eastern shore. generations grew up and focused on oystering. now their focus is the blue crab. 100 years ago it was about the
8:49 am
oysters. entire eastern shore. >> reporter: is it coming back a little bit now? i know it's a slow process. >> it's a slow process. what we've seen in the areas we focus on, you are seeing a resurgence, yes. >> reporter: are you good at shucking? >> not all that good. >> reporter: you go to the places where they shuck them for you. >> absolutely. >> reporter: this week, if you go to restaurants in the greater washington area and order maryland seafood, a dollar will go to support oyster recovery partnership. coming up in the next hour, we have a chef from d.c. who has come out here to cook up oysters for us. he's from pearl dive oyster palace, i believe. we'll find out more about that in our next hour. back to you all. >> you don't have to wait for a chef, though, we have a top chef with us now in studio b.
8:50 am
he finished in the top two on top chefs all-stars. he has a new cook book and will likely add to his fans. the book is "crazy good italian." i love that. >> you like that? >> it's classic mediterranean dishes. chef mike is with us today. what a pleasure. thanks for coming in. >> no problem. thanks for having me. >> are we going to see recipes from your restaurants here? >> a couple of recipes in the book from the restaurants. some are family secrets, some are me cooking and traveling. today g to do a dessert. one of my signature desserts. it's kind of like carnival style doughnut. i used to get them in the paper bag with the sugar.
8:51 am
want to make a dough. i'm going to put a little bit of water -- >> already that looks like what i wouldn't -- water in a pot. it needs to be nice and hot, right? >> needs to be hot. if you want to melt your butter, sugar and water together. once this melts we're going to put it into a bowl and make our dough with the rest of the stuff. in the book it comes with a couple of different sugars. we're in the fall, so i have it made with spiced sugar. >> yum. >> cinnamon, and allspice. in the restaurant we serve it with the pumpkin caramel. it's not in the book. you have to come to the restaurant for that. whisk this up. >> how does your mom feel about the family recipes in the book? >> she was happy. most of them come from my grandmother and aunt. want to melt this up. going to put this -- turn that out right into the bowl. got our butter, little bit of sugar, little bit of water.
8:52 am
and we're slowly going to add in our flour. we're making a little bit of a dough. you can do it in the mixer at home. i figure here, it's coming all together. it's nice and warm. get the lumps out of the flour. then i have eggs we're going to drop in here. whole eggs. >> i was going to say, nonbeaten eggs. >> nonbeaten eggs. we're going to beat them up in here. then you want to -- i like to make it airy and chewy and soft in the middle. you could go with it from here right now into making into the doughnut form. i got a little bit of ricotta cheese and orange zest to sweeten it up. give it the citrus fall flavors. you could use mascarpone, whatever you like. let it cool in the fridge about
8:53 am
45 minutes to an hour so it sets up. we have a nice dough here. you can see the specks of orange. this will set up in the -- in the -- >> fridge? >> the refrigerator. here we have oil on the stove. in the restaurant we mix the oil and the butter to give it a little more flavor to it. put your dough balls in there. when i was a kid, we would go to carnival, i would get these once a year. take about five to six minutes to cook. we would get them, and they'd come in a brown paper bag and put with plain white sugar. shaking them up. got sugar all over yourself. >> so happy. >> brought me back a childhood memory. here we have some pumpkin caramel that we make at the restaurant. >> can you tell the secret of that?
8:54 am
>> we make our roasted pumpkin, get a little puree, make a caramel and fold in the pumpkin at the end. it's a simple dish. i got some here. >> while mike is plating that, chef mike, let me remind you that the chef will be at the capital food fight. the event is sold out. but for the 800 or so folks who will be there, you can make sure you get your book signed. get the book signed. at the reagan building today. >> try to sneak in. i'll be signing books. 8:15tonight. >> it benefits the d.c. central kitchen. can i do a little taste? >> definitely. these aren't too hot. perfect. spiced sugar, pumpkin caramel. >> i feel like i'm at the carnival. >> the sugar falls all over you. >> so good. >> little flavor and sweetness. >> delicious! >> you could make it for
8:55 am
breakfast, friends. >> snack, dinner, whatever. chef mike isabella, delicious. new cook book. i shouldn't be talking with my mouthful, but what are you going to do? tony, over to you. >> looks good! thank you, allison. it's now 8:55 on this monday morning. coming up in our next hour, heart worm prevention. why it's important to keep your pet safe. >> plus, an alarming new study about autistic children. why doctors hope to train communities to identify those who are running away. we'll be right back. 
8:56 am
8:57 am
david smallwood: mararyland mony needs to stay in maryland. it's just that simple, i mean, it's a no brainer. anncr: every year marylanders spend five hundred and fifty... million at casinos in west virginia, delaware... and pennsylvania. one west virginia paper calls it a "cash cow" for them. but its cost maryland over one billion dollars. money that could have created good jobs and... better schools for us. question seven keeps maryland money in maryland. david smallwood: question seven, i think it will be a... good thing for the state of maryland.
8:58 am
good monday morning. i'm alison seymour. >> i'm tony perkins. right now at 9:00, if you take metro, you may see new signs today. melanie alnwick is live with why those ads are causing a lot of controversy.
8:59 am
>> nearly 50% of children with autism wander away. we have the results of a new study and why this problem is putting a lot of kids in danger. >> i had never heard that before. a late start for the o's. the nats bring home another win. and the redskins, we'll let dave ross explain that one. >> does he have an explanation? >> yeah. >> later, not a position you want to find yourself in. find out what happens after a deer plays a game of cat and mouse with a park goer. it is now 8:59. monday morning. >> it is. so let's go to gwen now and find out what's happening with our weather forecast today. >> by the look on your face, tony, i'm like you, i want to know what happened. who won that battle? mother nature is winning the battle in temperatures. really chilling us out. she did yesterday as well. we've got a few light showe

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